Brain Injury: One of the Worst Consequences of Accidents due to Carelessness or Negligence

Every year, more than one million Americans receive emergency treatment due to injury to the head which often results to brain injury. Injury to the brain is very serious harm primarily because all our bodily functions are controlled the brain. Any harm to the brain, therefore, can change the way the whole body operates; it can also easily result to paralysis or death, of which about 50,000 are recorded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) each year.

Brain injury, also called intracranial or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), is caused by a strong jolt or very violent blow to one’s head. It is usually sustained in falls, explosions, acts of violence, sports accidents, boating accidents and car accidents.

The consequence of a traumatic brain injury depends on the area of the brain that is damaged, that is whether the injured area is widespread or concentrated only on a specific part. For purposes of classification, severity can be mild, moderate or severe. While the symptoms of mild TBI may only include temporary headaches and confusion, a severe case can lead to amnesia, unconsciousness, coma, paralysis or even death.

The symptoms of TBI sometimes take time before these appear. Aside from those mentioned above, other signs and symptoms include: persistent headaches or neck pain; loss of sense of taste or smell; dizziness and moodiness; changes in sleep pattern; and/or slowed reading, thinking, acting, or speaking. If, after suffering a violent blow to the head, a person feels numbness or weakness in the legs, arms, hands or feet, experiences convulsions and/or repeated vomiting, and begins to have slurred speech, then he/she should be taken to the hospital to be checked and given proper treatment.

Car accident is identified as the most common cause of brain injury. The negligence or recklessness of many other drivers can just render ineffectual other drivers’ careful observance of traffic rules – regardless of the safety features cars are equipped with.

As explained by a Toronto personal injury lawyer, injury to the brain can result to a victim needing life-long support, cognitive therapies, speech and language therapies and assistance in daily living activities. Due to all these treatment required, a victim will definitely need a much higher level of support and care than the bare minimum most insurance companies are willing to pay. On this end, a personal injury lawyer may be able to determine the lifetime costs associated with a brain injury and assist the victim and his/her family seek full compensation from the responsible party.

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