Pre-employment Capacity Testing

Posting a job vacancy ad and then going thru a stack of application forms and resumes in order to find someone whose credentials match the job requirements can be a lot of work, especially for a big firm. For smaller businesses, though, this task can be crucial as being able to land the right candidate in the job can be another step towards business growth.

Where hiring new employees is the issue, big and growing companies know how critical this is to company growth and in the creation of a healthy working environment. Thus, while there are businesses that still struggle in finding the right person for a certain job position (and later on regret having hired someone not really up to the tasks), many others just seem to be able to always hire people with the right knowledge, skills and personality that the job actually demands. According to the website of WorkSTEPS, this is why companies that entrust hiring concerns to functional employment testing firms.

The task of functional employment testing is to address and find solutions to an essential employer need, which is the creation of an objective, scientific, legally compliant, and medically safe way of matching an applicant’s specific strengths and skills (or functional capabilities) with the essential functions required of a certain job.

The many benefits that companies have enjoyed after using functional employment evaluations include: reduction in workers’ compensation claims; decreased employee turnover; increase in worker productivity; creation of safer work environment; reduced lost time and diminished incidences of fraud and abuse; smaller modifier rates and workers’ compensation premiums; and, reduced costs of group health insurance package.

All the stated benefits are quite easily achieved because an applicant’s skills, work behavior and fitness are sufficiently assessed through pre-employment screening in order to determine whether he/she is apt for the specific position he/she is applying for. This is especially important if the job applied for is more physical than intellectual in nature.

Other than pre-employment screening, companies also offer post-offer pre-employment testing, and post-employment testing, which includes functional capacity evaluations, sincerity-of-effort testing and fit-for-duty testing.

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